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Follow the stories behind the developing aquaculture science ensuring a future for food

that is high quality, circular and sustainable.

Balancing the needs of a global growing population, through the work of the farmers, fishermen, consumers and chefs. 


We join leading experts in the field of agricultural sciences, biotechnology, and culinary science to find

sustainable advancements in food production.



Behind the science : Professor Anders Kiessling  

at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

and a leading figure in the field of aquaculture.  

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Behind the research : Hanna Bjorklund.

Owner of consultancy company focusing on environment and food sustainability.


Behind the production : Stuart Dunlop.

Owner of LemonWedge Productions, creating content and campaigns all around the world.

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In this film we follow the flow of nutrients needed for Starting our journey in Älvkarleby, the home of salmon farming.

We follow the route the wild salmon would naturally take... if the dams didn't block the rivers waterway.


We see how SLU are involved in the cycle to keep young salmon in circulation and discover how the problem is compounded by what has happened in the lakes upstream.


Where a combination of climate change and the dam has completely caused a “game changer” in the former river lake, by a dramatic loss in the beach zone followed by loss of nutrients. Which in next step result in power of the natural food chain to support vital fish populations and production of large and healthy fish. 

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Does time after slaughter change the taste and quality of the arctic char?  

Can farmed fish give consumers new products if we timed the changes in quality during of breakdown in the fish meat?

We assembled the finest palettes to analyse flavours and textures of both cooked and raw fish, and used ground breaking science to determine the biochemical balance matching the sensory results of the panel.

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